May 2018 Issue 2

Review Article                                                                                                                                     
Outcome and management of uterine leiomyosarcoma treated following surgery for presumed benign disease: Review of literature
Tanitra Tantitamit, Kuan-Gen Huang, Manatsawee Manopunya, Chih-Feng Yen
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:47–55
Original Articles                                                                                                                                   
Hysteroscopic-guided removal of retained intrauterine device: Experience at an Academic Tertiary Hospital
Ma. Rosielyn D. Asto, Maria Antonia E. Habana
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:56–60

Size, type, and location of myoma as predictors for successful laparoscopic myomectomy: A Tertiary Government Hospital experience
Mikaela Erlinda G. Martinez, Madonna Victoria C. Domingo
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:61–65

Laparoscopy and computed tomography imaging in advanced ovarian tumors: A roadmap for prediction of optimal cytoreductive surgery
Ahmed Samy El-Agwany
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:66–69
Case Reports                                                                                                                                       
Transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery hysterectomy in a woman with uterine adenomyosis and multiple severe abdominal adhesions
Pei-Chen Li, Dah-Ching Ding
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:70–73

Laparoscopic management of maldescended ovary presenting with recurrent acute abdomen
Eghoihunu Ireo, Muhammad Haruna, Preeti Gandhi
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:74–77

An elongated endometrial polyp prolapsing through the introitus in a Virgin
Teerayut Temtanakitpaisan, Hsin-Hong Kuo, Kuan-Gen Huang
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:78–80

Endometriosis involving the sciatic nerve: A case report of isolated endometriosis of the sciatic nerve and review of the literature
Tal D Saar, Stefaan Pacquée, Dean Helmar Conrad, Mikhail Sarofim, Philippe De Rosnay, David Rosen, Greg Cario, Danny Chou
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:81–85
Clinical Image                                                                                                                                      
Polypoid endometriosis of urinary bladder
Srisupa Laopakorn, Kuan-Gen Huang
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:86–87
Hysteroscopy as a tool for identification of uterine endocervical lesion
Maria Crizelda Valino, Chih-Feng Yen, Kuan-Gen Huang, Ala Uwais
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:88–89
Letter to Editor                                                                                                                                     
Laparoscopic resection of cesarean scar pregnancy with bilateral uterine artery ligation
Ali Emre Tahaoglu, Mehmet Sait Bakir, Yasemin Dogan, Zelal Tahaoglu
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:90–91
Erratum: The role of hysteroscopy in evaluating postmenopausal asymptomatic women with thickened endometrium
Gynecol Minim Invas Ther.  2018;2:92