APAGE International Endoscopy Fellowship Program aims at providing not only basic understanding for endoscopy but also advanced and authentic practice opportunity for our fellow. It is a flexible course and meets different needs of the international fellows. Laparoscopic surgery, in addition to the better post-operative recovery and the shorter hospital stay, it has significantly lowered the morbidity rate and shortened operating time than the open oncology surgery. It is the most suitable surgery for doctors who are interested in academic research and who choose endoscopy surgery as their future career. 
The main training centre is located at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, Taiwan.

The APAGE International Endoscopic Fellowship is to provide an intensive training program for gynecologists who are interested in laparoscopic surgery and desire to acquire scientific knowledge and skills in minimally invasive surgery. The fellowship also serves as a networking platform for fellows to meet each other around the world, and serve competence roles in advanced endoscopic surgery in gynecology.