2024/05/10 🌟 2024 APAGE Events 🌟

APAGE 2024 Events
*Please note that APAGE events held in China are usually conducted in Mandarin, except for international experts.

Annual Congress    
Date Events Venue
29 Aug. to 1 Sep. 2024 APAGE Annual Congress in Chennai India ITC Grand Chola

Date Events Venue
1-2 Jun. 2024 APAGE & TAMIG & TAGTA 3D and Single-Port(NOTES) in Reproductive Surgery
and Hands-on Workshop (Advanced Course)
IRCAD Taiwan
9-11 Jun. 1st International SAYGE Advanced Laparoscopy & Robotic Surgery Conference:
Endometriosis Focus
Sarawak, Malaysia
21-22, 28-29
JSOG & APAGE Advanced Gynecologic Laparoscopic and NOTES Conference Jordan
Aug. APAGE & GESM Endometriosis Workshop Malaysia
Oct. APAGE Gynecological and Minimally Invasive Surgery Hands-on Workshop Vietnam

Regional Meeting  
Date Events Venue
17-19 May         32nd Beijing International Gynecological Endoscopy
& Mini-Invasive surgery Symposium & APAGE Hysteroscopy Regional Meeting
Beijing China
Jun. The 6th APAGE NOTES & Single-Port Regional Meeting Guangzhou China
12-13 Aug. PSGE Annual Congress in conjunction with the 2nd APAGE-PSGE-ESGE Regional Meeting Manila, Philippines
Jul. The 11th APAGE Regional Meeting Shenyang China
Aug. The 19th National Conference on Gynecological Minimally Invasive Surgery
and the 10th APAGE Regional Conference on Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Therapy
Beijing China
12-14 Sep. The 64th JSGOE Annual Meeting in conjunction with APAGE Regional Meeting Tokyo Japan
6-8 Dec. 2024 APAGE & SMDA Shanghai MIS Forum and Regional Meeting
and APAGE & SFMIH Forum and APAGE Single-Portand NOTES Animal Hands-on Workshop
Shanghai China

Date Events Venue
30 Mar.          YAG Webinar I: Imaging and Surgical Strategies for Deep Endometriosis Online
9 May APAGE ISMIVS HIFU series Webinar I - Prevention and Treatment for Cervical Cancer Online
Jul. APAGE ISMIVS HIFU series Webinar II Online
Oct. YAG Webinar II - VNOTES/Single Incision Techniques Online

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